Message from Founder

MEAN WELL was established in 1982, with an initial capital of NT$1,000,000, in a small factory just 100 meters square. It has been a long and winding road, as the company has transformed itself from a manufacturer of linear power supplies to switching power supplies, and changed its emphasis from power supplies for personal computer to those for industrial purposes. Today we have become a company, which establishes designs and produces standard power supplies under our own brand name. We recognize that in our success we are greatly indebted to the support of our suppliers, distributors and end users.

People often ask me what is the secret of MEAN WELL's phenomenal growth rate? In my personal opinion, I believe we are not a very special company, merely a company that insists on long-term cooperation and is very careful to be rational and reliable in all the decisions it makes. It is this philosophy that is at the center of our ability to grow so steadily.

  1. We are not a company with outstanding workers, but a company that emphasizes a group of sincere, practical, hard working, and united partners. Some of our engineers join MEAN WELL directly after graduating from university; the others have worked in associated fields before joining our company. Together they make up our powerful group of research engineers. Most of our engineers, once immersed in our culture, can find no reason to leave. We believe that our exceptionally low turnover of staff has proved fundamental in our ability to always push forward the boundaries of our products.
  2.  MEAN WELL has no one product that eclipses all others in sales, instead we feel we have a very wide and well-balanced range of products. Each product is the result of our engineers committed approach to superior design, and our production department's dedication to superior quality. We are a company that is committed to finding the best possible solution to the price-quality equation, and every year we work diligently to increase quality and output while also reducing price.  
  3. If you are a new supplier, even though in these initial stages of our relationship, our volume of trade may not be high, we hope you understand that MEAN WELL sincerely believes that we are at the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship. We emphasize long-term partnerships, with goals of high quality and accurate delivery dates, alongside the reasonable sharing of profits. Most of our suppliers have been working closely together with us for many years.
  4.  If you are a new customer, we hope that you can come to understand the sincerity consider our mutual welfares in every deal. We often recommend beginning with a smaller short-term order, and then gradually increasing the order quantity. In the long term we believe we will come to understand and approve of our approach to new customers, which at its heart has the goal of allowing us to slowly build up the mutual understanding essential to long term business relationships. We emphasize long-term partnerships, 65% of our sales comes from companies with whom we have had a business relationship for more than 10 years.  

If the CPU is the brain of a system, the power supply is it's heart, and often the value of losses incurred in a single failure can exceed the value of the power supply itself. We firmly believe that the power supply industry is one built on trust. The mission of any power supply company should be to engender the utmost confidence in both the technology and quality of its products. Only by always striving to improve and innovate, creating the optimum Product, Quality, Cost, Delivery Time, Service and Relationship (PQCDSR) that stand test of time, can a company be truly trusted by its customers. We believe trust is another essential prerequisite to long-term operation.

My thanks to my customers, workers, and suppliers for all your support, allowing us to create this continuous culture of reliability. Also I would like to give my heartfelt welcome to any new members of our MEAN WELL circle. I wholeheartedly hope that we can become your permanent reliable power partner.